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8/15/2022 - You will have to pass a short course on TAGinn's website, take an exam, and upon completion you will receive a P-TOP (Professional TAGinn Operator) license. Only those who possess a valid P-TOP license can purchase TAGinn products.


Quick Link P-TOP Course/Exam


  • Pre-Orders, ETA Fall 2022, contact to secure a Pre-Order


The TAGinn Shell HPA is designed to launch TAGinn projectiles out of grenade launchers without modification. The Shell HPA is able to be gased using the UPPER PORTION of the TAGinn Filling Station FiSt-2 or the TAGinn HPA Charger. This shell is only capable of being gased with 850psi HPA. The HPA Shell fits all TAGinn MK2 projectiles.

TAGinn Launcher Shell - HPA

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  • The TAGinn Launcher Shell HPA allows users to launch their TAGinn projectiles from most airsoft and paintball grenade launchers without modification. This HPA Shell is capable of firing all TAGinn MK2 projectiles and ships in a pack of 1. Enhance your game with the Shell HPA from TAGinn!