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8/15/2022 - You will have to pass a short course on TAGinn's website, take an exam, and upon completion you will receive a P-TOP (Professional TAGinn Operator) license. Only those who possess a valid P-TOP license can purchase TAGinn products.


Quick Link P-TOP Course/Exam


  • Pre-Orders, ETA Fall 2022, contact to secure a Pre-Order


The TAGinn Shell Multi Range(Multi-R) gives you full control over your shot power and trajectory. By letting adjust the power from 1 to 5 before loading the shell with 850psi HPA or CO2, the Multi-R gives you full control on how hard the projectile will be shot. Gasing the shell can be done with the TAGinn Filling Station FiSt-2 or the TAGinn HPA Charger.

TAGinn Launcher Shell - Multi Range

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  • The TAGinn Launcher Shell Multi-R allows users better performance in cold weather by using CO2 or 850psi HPA. Use the TAGinn Filling Station FiSt-2 or the TAGinn HPA Charger to gas up your Multi-R! This Multi-R Shell is capable of firing all TAGinn MK2 projectiles and ships in a pack of 1. The Multi-R is the only adjustable shell offered by TAGinn for their Launched Projectiles. Enhance your game with the Multi-R from TAGinn!