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8/15/2022 - You will have to pass a short course on TAGinn's website, take an exam, and upon completion you will receive a P-TOP (Professional TAGinn Operator) license. Only those who possess a valid P-TOP license can purchase TAGinn products.


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The TAGinn Paladin MK2 is a launchable powder marking grenade. The Paladin MK2 fits all TAGinn Launcher Shells and is able to be fired from a variety of 40mm Airsoft Grenade Launchers. This round features a a non-toxic powder base that is triggered on impact. Launch the Paladin MK2 over 140 yards accurately using TAGinn Shells!

TAGinn Paladin MK2 (10-Pack) Launched Projectiles

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  • The TAGinn Paladin MK2 airsoft/paintball projectile for grenade launchers is a powder marking, commercially manufactured device that takes your training or game to the next level. This projectile is made from traumatic-safe, lightweight polyurethane foam. The unbelievable accuracy of this grenade is possible thanks to its spinning movement during its flight. This spinning stabilizes the grenade until initiation on impact. The non-pyrotechnic marking projectile is filled with non-toxic powder. The powder is based on easy to wash food coloring components. When the Paladin impacts an object, the thin shell cracks, and the powder marks the surface.